The Miracle Workers

Gabe-Materials Manager
Tessa-Communication manager & Project Manager
Leah-Lead Engineer

3 Fun Facts of Building Strong Towers
  • You need a strong base
  • You need extra support, like beams
  • You also need to dig deep to find stable ground

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Gabe 1.jpg
Tessa 1.jpg

Final Design

  1. Why was the winning tower more successful than others? - They used their extra newspaper to make it taller, when as we just recycled ours.
  2. What could your team have done to improve your design? - We could have used more materials to make the tower stronger and taller.
  3. If you could build the ideal tower, what materials would you use and why? - We would use steel, concrete, and strong metals to reinforce the tower.
  4. Look over the teamwork rubric and list two areas your team could improve. - We could improve by communicating better with each other, also we could use all of the materials.