Presentations will be held on Monday, March 19
8 finalists will present to "Shark Tank" on Friday, April 13

The Creative Creators

Amalia, Josie and Erika
  • Product Name: The Mulch Carpet
  • Insert final product picture: scroll down!
  • Product Description: (What problem is being solved or need is being met?)
The Mulch Carpet is to solve the problem of doing all the work of putting it on your flower bed. Also, to decrese the mess!

3 Original Ideas & Research

  • Erika's idea is: A mulch carpet. Her problem was, that every year her parents have to buy 40 bags of mulch for landscaping which costs $100. She decided to use an organic glue to stick the mulch to the landscape fabric, when she saw Elmer's Glue Link 1 She was inspired by this idea when she saw SOD (The grass layer on a thin layer of soil) Link 2 She saw other glue, construction glue. It might be a good glue for the mulch. Link 3
Image result for construction glue
Image result for construction glue
  • Josie's idea is: An Eco-friendly pencil. Her problem was that a bunch of trees are being used for pencils. Also, there is not much of a graphite production, so it is running out. We decided to use limestone or calcite instead of graphite, when we saw chalk pencils Link 1 . We decided to use plastic instead of wood, because so many trees are being wasted when we saw mechanical pencils Link 2. We decided to put whiteout on the other side of the pencil, because chalk can't erase. Our idea was from Staple's whiteout pens Link 3heyhey.jpg

  • Amalia's idea is: A blanket placer. Her problem was, her blanket always falls down when she is eating or needs to get up when she needs something . I saw a cheero clip! My idea was a velcro "clip" I will change the idea still put a velcro, and make it, not sticky. Link 1 (a)My second site is a velcro roll, it isn't for soft, fluffy material. I can put this roll on the tip of the clip, instead of a magnet. This roll has inspired me to make this clip in different sizes, for different blankets. Link 2My third site I found were blankets with snaps on them, although, my idea is different because the snaps a built in the blanket. Link 3
Image result for clip
Image result for clip
  • Use your research to choose the invention you like best. How did the research help your team decide which invention you wanted to bring to life?
  • Who can you talk to if you need help to solve problems & build your final product?
  • What materials do you need to build your invention or prototype?
  • Where do you plan to get those materials?
  • How are you keeping the cost of your device low?
  • What are the steps needed to build your invention?
  • How will you test your invention?
  • How can you be sure your invention is safe?


  • Week of 5th - Work Day (Thurs. 8th & Fri. 9th)
  • Week of 12th - Work Day (Fri 16th)
  • Week of 26th - Work Day (Fri Mar 2nd)
  • Week of 5th - Work Day (Fri 9th)
  • Week of 12th - Work Day (Thurs ? and Fri. 16th) **Last days to practice presentations
  • Week of 19th - Final Presentations on Monday, Mar 19th
  • Shark Tank Presentations of top winners from each class on Friday, April 13th

Developing & Testing:

Date: 3/9/18
  • First, we cut the tarpe into the correct size.

Date: 3/14/18
  • Then we marked where the holes should be.
  • Photo on 3-14-18 at 1.21 PM #3.jpg
Photographed by: Griffin Silbert
  • After, we poked holes in the tarp
  • Photo on 3-14-18 at 1.24 PM.jpg
Photographed by: Griffin Silbert
  • Then, we glued the mulch on the tarp.
  • Photo on 3-14-18 at 1.41 PM #2.jpg
Photgraphed by: Amalia Kokkinakis

Date: 3-15-18
  • We put more of the glue and mulch on the tarp
  • Photo on 3-15-18 at 1.16 PM.jpg
Photographed by: Amalia Kokkinakis

  • Photo on 3-15-18 at 1.19 PM.jpg
  • Then, we pressed the mulch down
  • Photo on 3-15-18 at 1.33 PM #3.jpg
Photographed by: Amalia Kokkinakis
Date: 3-16-18
  • We finished the mulch carpet!
  • This is the final projet with the packaging
  • Photo on 3-16-18 at 1.13 PM #2.jpg
Photographed by: Erika Yee
  • Photo on 3-16-18 at 1.14 PM.jpg
Photographed by: Josie Caroll
  • We talked about our struggles and our achievements
  • Photo on 3-16-18 at 1.29 PM.jpg
  • Photo on 3-16-18 at 1.29 PM #2.jpg

Materials & Expenses:

  1. Tarp was $1.27 (from Home Depot)
  2. Glue was $4 (from Dollar Tree)
  3. Mulch was $7.00 (from Ace Hardware)
  • Total cost: $12.27

Thinking it Over Questions:

  • What new skills did you learn while creating your invention?
We learned have a plan before you build. Also, to use the right tools. We learned to problem solve together.
  • What changes did you make in your original plan?
We first wanted to make an unsmuge-able pencil. Then, we wanted to make the mulch carpet with construction glue. After, we changed that idea and used Elmer's glue.
  • Who helped you and what did they do?
Mrs. Lowery helped us by giving us some advicIe to what to use.
The sub we had helped us cut the tarp and and fold it.
Mr.Bugelli let us use the art room and some of his tools.
Our parents helped us buy the materials.
  • What sources of information helped you with your invention?
We saw online how people would put tarps on their flower beds also, our parents. Also, Mr.Bugelli helped us with the information and idea.
  • How did you test your invention?
We put water on the tarp to see if it would go to the flowers.
  • If you could start over, what would you do differently? Would you change your design/materials/size/etc.?
We would put construction glue on it or a sticky paper on the bottom of the mulch. It would give less of a mess and it would be easier to stick the mulch on.

Shark Tank Preparation

Presentation (Maximum time 5 min)

  • How do you plan to catch the judges’ attention?
  1. Colors
  2. Voice
  3. Samples
  • Do you have a catchy product name?
  1. The Mulch Carpet
  • Do you have a product logo? Slogan? Jingle/Song? Moto?
  1. Logo on paper!
  2. Slogan: Cov n' done!
  3. Jingle: Get, Get, Get, Get The mulch carpet!
  4. Take the easy way out, get the Mulch Carpet!
  • How are you packaging your product? Is it attractive?
  • What type of display do you plan to use/make for your presentation?
  • Can you demonstrate your product or give out samples?
  • Consider including the following ideas in your presentation:
    • Cost of making the product.
    • Time needed to produce the product.
    • How much you plan to sell your product for?
    • What is your prediction for how much money this product can make over time?
    • How much money are you asking the SHARKS to invest? What will you use this money for?
    • How do you plan to promote your product to others?
    • What need does it serve? What problem does it solve?
    • Who is your audience? Who will buy this product?
    • Who is going to speak? What role will each person play in your presentation?
    • What do you plan to wear for your presentation