creative kid.

By daniel
idea #1 self playing pianoWe searched up a self playing piano and they have them and they program them to play songs.
Image result for self playing piano
Image result for self playing piano

Idea #2 time settable lock
41gzVuZfpIL._SY463_.jpg (463×463)
41gzVuZfpIL._SY463_.jpg (463×463)

this picture is not like our idea we were thinking of a lock that could be set for a certain amount of time. their idea was one that just has a code but this was going to change my idea so if you come home early you can turn it off.

idea #3 name homemade party popper.

1 balloon =10 cents
4.94 oz of foil confetti in the pack but i used 0.5 oz=28 cents
2 feet of printers tape = 26 cent
total cost .64 cents

My final project