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Presentations will be held on Monday, March 19
8 finalists will present to "Shark Tank" on Friday, April 13


  • Team Name + first name of each team member
  • Insert team photo
  • Product Name:
  • Insert final product picture
  • Product Description: (What problem is being solved or need is being met?)

3 Original Ideas & Research

For each idea do the following:
  • Describe the idea
  • Include at least 3 links to sites you looked at to determine the originality of your idea
  • For each site, explain what you discovered
Ex. Our first idea is to develop a bowl that young kids cannot spill easily. The first site I went to and found a flat, plate-like mat that sticks to the table and does not move. My idea is three-dimensional and includes a bowl. However, I like the thought of adding a mat to my bowl to make it steadier. The second site ….. The third site …….

Planning: Copy and paste the questions below to your page. Answer each question.

  • Use your research to choose the invention you like best. How did the research help your team decide which invention you wanted to bring to life?
  • Who can you talk to if you need help to solve problems & build your final product?
  • What materials do you need to build your invention or prototype?
  • Where do you plan to get those materials?
  • How are you keeping the cost of your device low?
  • What are the steps needed to build your invention?
  • How will you test your invention?
  • How can you be sure your invention is safe?


  • Week of 5th - Work Day (Thurs. 8th & Fri. 9th)
  • Week of 12th - Work Day (Fri 16th)
  • Week of 26th - Work Day (Fri Mar 2nd)
  • Week of 5th - Work Day (Fri 9th)
  • Week of 12th - Work Day (Thurs ? and Fri. 16th) **Last days to practice presentations
  • Week of 19th - Final Presentations on Monday, Mar 19th
  • Shark Tank Presentations of top winners from each class on Friday, April 13th

Developing & Testing: Add information to your page.

IMG_1004.jpgFirst we peeled the orange.

IMG_1005.jpgSecond we cut the peels into small cubes.
IMG_1006 (1).jpgThen we blended the pieces.
WIN_20180314_13_21_08_Pro.jpg WIN_20180314_13_26_59_Pro.jpgWIN_20180314_13_30_53_Pro.jpg
and put it in a cup. After that we put in sugar and honey Then we put in heavy whipping cream then mixed it all together and blended a second time.

Thinking it Over Questions: Copy the questions and add to your page. Answer each question.

  • What new skills did you learn while creating your invention?
  • What changes did you make in your original plan?
  • Who helped you and what did they do?
  • What sources of information helped you with your invention?
  • How did you test your invention?
  • If you could start over, what would you do differently? Would you change your design/materials/size/etc.?

Shark Tank Preparation

If digital, link your presentation to the Google Doc page titled "Invention Convention" in your homeroom's Science Google Classroom folder.

Presentation (Maximum time 5 min)

  • How do you plan to catch the judges’ attention?
  • Do you have a catchy product name?
  • Do you have a product logo? Slogan? Jingle/Song? Moto?
  • How are you packaging your product? Is it attractive?
  • What type of display do you plan to use/make for your presentation?
  • Can you demonstrate your product or give out samples?
  • Consider including the following ideas in your presentation:
    • Cost of making the product.
    • Time needed to produce the product.
    • How much you plan to sell your product for?
    • What is your prediction for how much money this product can make over time?
    • How much money are you asking the SHARKS to invest? What will you use this money for?
    • How do you plan to promote your product to others?
    • What need does it serve? What problem does it solve?
    • Who is your audience? Who will buy this product?
    • Who is going to speak? What role will each person play in your presentation?
    • What do you plan to wear for your presentation?