IMG_0196.JPGIMG_0194.JPGAve's Design
Final Design

IMG_0197.JPGIMG_0202.JPGphoto.jpgAve: Materials Manger Elan: Project Manger Batul: Communication Manger Lead Engineer

3 facts about the newspaper towers that can help you are: 1 fact is that triangles are the most sturdy shape to build. Another fact is that you have to create a structure that can hold its own weight. The last fact is



Answer the following questions on your wiki page. Use complete sentences, accurate spelling & grammar.
  1. Why was the winning tower more successful than others? Because it could with stand all of the winds so it has to be sturdy to stay standing.
  2. What could your team have done to improve your design? We could have used our materials better and work better as a team and do everything together instead of one person doing it.
  3. If you could build the ideal tower, what materials would you use and why? Newspaper because it is pretty study. Card Board and Popsicle stick because it is sturdy and string can be useful if we have no more tape
  4. Look over the teamwork rubric and list two areas your team could improve.