The IventorMentors


Our Product is The Soap Sucker

Alex and Parker

Our first Product was a Soap Suction Cup. Its name is the soap sucker. We wanted a product that could suck all the soap out of a bottle without taking off the lid. The first website we looked at was We found a soap bottle with a longer tube in the middle, but still didn't reach the very bottom of the bottle. Our idea was to design a bottle and a tube that doesnt reach the bottom but has a suction cup that can soak up all the soap.The second website we looked at was We liked the idea of the organization of this product, but it still doesn't get all of the soap. we also liked how the soap fell out of the tube instead of it being pumped out. The third website we looked at was
This product shows a soap bottle that you turn upside down to get the soap out. What we liked about his invention was that you don't have to worry about the length of the tube, it just comes right out.

Our second idea was a face warmer. This product would be called The Hot Hat. This product is made to warm peoples faces with or without the sun. The first website we looked at was This item gets its warmth from the sun. This product is good because it warms you up, but the sun is not always out. We want a hat that you can wear indoors and outdoors. Our second website is This site offered a hat that can trap heat and keep it behind your neck, keeping it warm. This can also be used in hot weather to protect against the sun. We liked how you could trap heat behind the neck plate. Our third site is We liked this product because it protects your whole face and neck, plus you can take it anywhere.

Our third idea was a kid-proof knife cover. The first site we looked at was We liked the organization of these products, but they aren't kid-proof. Our second site is we liked this idea because it can cut through while still being kid-proof, that is, until a 4 year old grabs it. That would be bad. Our final website was This product offered a knife holder that a kid couldn't reach, but if they did, it could easily come out of the holder.

Our Final Design Plan


Soap Straw/Cap/Pump


Soap Bottle


Our Suction Cup in:


Where We Are Putting It:


Final Photo:

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Thinking it Over Questions:

  • What new skills did you learn while creating your invention?
We learned abut problem solving and making the best out of bad situations.
  • What changes did you make in your original plan?
Originally, the plan was to put the suction cup on the bottom, but since their was a bump at the bottom, we put it on that.
  • Who helped you and what did they do?
Parker's dad gave us this idea and helped us build the product.
  • What sources of information helped you with your invention?
  • How did you test your invention?
We put a little soap in the bottom of the bottle.
  • If you could start over, what would you do differently? Would you change your design/materials/size/etc.?
We would get a soap bottle without a bump and make it for different types of soap bottles.

Shark Tank Preparation

Presentation (Maximum time 5 min)

  • How do you plan to catch the judges’ attention?
  • Do you have a catchy product name?
  • Do you have a product logo? Slogan? Jingle/Song? Moto?
  • How are you packaging your product? Is it attractive?
  • What type of display do you plan to use/make for your presentation?
  • Can you demonstrate your product or give out samples?
  • Consider including the following ideas in your presentation:
    • Cost of making the product.
    • Time needed to produce the product.
    • How much you plan to sell your product for?
    • What is your prediction for how much money this product can make over time?
    • How much money are you asking the SHARKS to invest? What will you use this money for?
    • How do you plan to promote your product to others?
    • What need does it serve? What problem does it solve?
    • Who is your audience? Who will buy this product?
    • Who is going to speak? What role will each person play in your presentation?
    • What do you plan to wear for your presentation?